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Zoo Adventure Brings Respite and Relaxation

Skyla wished to go to the San Diego Zoo
Although 3-year-old Skyla is battling kidney cancer, she has never let it deter her from fun activities with family and friends. When she isn’t painting, coloring or playing outside, she loves learning about new animals. Her fearless spirit and curiosity inspired her wish to visit one of the largest zoos in the country, the San Diego Zoo.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish and partner, Subaru of America Inc., Skyla’s life-changing wish came true. When her family arrived at their hotel in San Diego, they had a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. They were able to explore the beach, collect seashells and even watch sea lions hanging out on the shore. The highlight of the trip was when Skyla and her family traveled to the San Diego Zoo and were given a private behind-the-scenes tour. She was able to get up close with the animals and even snuggle baby otters.

“Make-A-Wish offers a rainbow at the end of the storm of cancer treatments,” said Tonya, Skyla’s mom. “They gave Skyla a fun-filled week with little sweet touches sprinkled in. It was wonderful to spend fun time as a family.”

Skyla’s wish gave her and her family more than just a trip to the zoo. It gave her time away from treatments and moments building special memories that will last a lifetime. Her family returned home with a powerful experience, giving them hope, strength and transformation.

“Her wish was a positive way to reflect on everything that we went through since her diagnosis ... to see how happy and healthy she is now, how we are still strong together as a family and to have a special experience for our little girl,” said Tonya. “Now we have some positive memories to talk about instead of medical-related stories. Skyla often looks at the pictures of her wish and talks about all the animals she saw.”

Thank you, Subaru for making the impossible possible for Skyla and her family.

No Limit to the Love We Can Share

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Skyla’s wish was granted by Make-A-Wish Wisconsin.

  • Skyla loved meeting the animals at the San Diego Zoo – even this amardillo.

  • The highlight of her wish was snuggling with baby otters.

  • Skyla takes a break and gets her face painting like a lion.

  • Skyla enjoying a tour of Balboa Park with her mom, Tonya.

  • Thank you Subaru for helping make Skyla’s wish come true!

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Carter Dave

The armadillo and otter interaction wasn't at the SD Zoo, it was at an amazing place called Nurtured by Nature who does a great deal with Make-A-Wish kids that come to San Diego on animal wishes. They do so much for the MAW kids and deserve the recognition!

November 29, 2018 - 8:20 AM

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