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Chris' National Geographic trip

Chris' National Geographic photo shoot

“ Chris - empowered by his wish experience - became a spokesperson fundraising to find a cure for his condition. ”

Click, click goes the camera as Chris captures photos of grizzly bears, orca whales, seals, otters and glaciers taking in all the vibrant colors and sounds that nature has to offer.

Dealing with a critical respiratory condition, Chris takes a break from his treatments to stand in the Canadian countryside breathing in the fresh air and enjoying state-of-the-art photography equipment.

Upon meeting Make-A-Wish® Greater Ohio and Kentucky volunteers, Chris bounced around a few ideas from his wish list. But he finally decided he really wanted to go on a phoChris' National Geographic photo shootto shoot with National Geographic® photographer Joel Sartore in Canada.

The wish team contacted Sartore who informed them he was willing to help, but they had to act quickly. His next shoot was in four days.

With help from Make-A-Wish® Canada, the Knight Inlet Lodge and the National Geographic, Chris and his dad set off on a wilderness adventure.

Father and son flew to Vancouver, British Columbia where they boarded a seaplane to Knight Inlet Lodge – a floating resort. There, Satore taught Chris how to use a variety of cameras and equipment.

On the beautiful countryside, Sartore makes sure Chris has the opportunity to experience the entirety of the wilderness view by setting up duplicate cameras to see multiple angles of the action. Chris takes in everything with the eye of a photographer capturing shots of animals and natural scenery – grabbing still frames of his wish experience. He even catches a glimpse of an orca whale as it swims under his boat.

Impressed by his work, the National Geographic staff published two of Chris’ photos - and of course compensated him for his art. Chris could have used the money toward anything he desired, but, a witness to the impact of philanthropy, he chose to buy teddy bears for children at the UK hospital.

Chris - empowered by his wish experience - became a spokesperson fundraising to find a cure his condition. He tells his audience of hundreds the tale of his diagnosis in an effort to share the power of a wish®.

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Andrea , 17

Hodgkin lymphoma

I wish to be a National Geographic® photographer

Andrea Captures dream photo shoot

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All I can say is "Wow." I love Canada, it is so beautiful there, and you got to photograph it! Wow. That must have been a memorable experience that you are so lucky to get. Good for you. :)

June 11, 2008 - 2:43 PM


This is such a great wish! How amazing that the pictures were used in the actual magazine. This sounds like the adventure of a lifetime!

June 22, 2008 - 3:49 PM


I'm really excited for you that you got your wish. Never Give Up - kiara

February 05, 2010 - 6:18 AM

terry w. s.

This is wonderful, I am so happy to read this story.

January 06, 2014 - 12:23 AM

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