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Gio’s Wish to Go to Waterpark Gives Family a Lifetime of Joy

wish kid Gio PHOTO: Beth Legg Photography

“ It was the trip of a lifetime. We’re all going to remember it forever. ”

- Gio's mom

Although Gio’s blindness has made many aspects of his life challenging, he finds great joy in interacting with the world through the sense of touch. The feeling he loves most is that of playing in water.

It is not easy for 6-year-old Gio to visit a waterpark, though, as not many are fully wheelchair accessible. Gio’s wish to go to Morgan’s Wonderland, an ultra-accessible theme park in San Antonio, was an opportunity for him “to feel special, to know it was his day,” said Gio’s mom, Stephanie.

At Morgan’s Wonderland, Gio spent two days in pure bliss. Stephanie pushed him through the splash park for hours. He could even crawl on the squishy floors and play with the jumping water for as long as he wished. “His sister would hold him, and they would go down the water slides together,” Stephanie said. “He had an extra big smile on his face for two days. It was great to see. He was just so happy.”

Gio’s wish brought joy to the rest of his family, too. “Sometimes it’s hard to take him out,” Stephanie said. “When you’re in an environment with more people like you, you feel really at home. It was the trip of a lifetime. We’re all going to remember it forever.”

Gio’s wish came true thanks to generous donors like you. No matter how large or small, a donation to Make-A-Wish will make an everlasting impact on a child with a critical illness. 

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