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A New Life for Eity and
Her Once-Abandoned Puppy

Eity wished to have a puppy PHOTO: Monica Lau Photography

“ Donors like you ensured Eity's wish was unforgettable. ”

Somewhere in the Waianae Boat Harbor, a litter of two-month-old Labrador mix puppies is abandoned with no food and no water. Only an incredible bit of good fortune saves them from a fate that would sadden any animal lover. An anonymous but kindhearted person discovers them and brings them to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

And one of them will find her way to Eity, a girl starting her life with a recently transplanted, healthy kidney. It will be a new beginning for them both.

Months Earlier

Eity had to fly across the Pacific Ocean to receive a new kidney. During her recovery from the life-saving surgery, she transformed into a dog lover thanks to visits from hospital therapy dogs. Every check-in from a therapy dog was a happy occasion for Eity.

Before her surgery, Make-A-Wish® volunteers had met Eity. They determined that she was eligible for a wish … but it would have to wait until after her surgery. That gave Eity some time to think.

By the time she returned from the mainland, Eity knew what wish would mean the most to her. She wished to have a puppy with brown fur. One that she could “grow big with.”

Make-A-Wish supporters, along with the Petco Foundation and the Hawaiian Humane Society, made plans to grant Eity’s wish. Behind the scenes, supporters worked on surprises that would lift Eity’s spirits: a $500 shopping spree, a year’s worth of free puppy care and a year’s supply of food.

Make-A-Wish Hawaii posted on its Facebook to try finding “a big dog with brown fur” to meet Eity’s expectations. The Hawaiian Humane Society contacted Make-A-Wish and offered to let Eity meet a litter of puppies that had been abandoned at a marina. By then, they were healthy, microchipped, vaccinated and ready for forever homes.

Her wish-granting volunteers arranged for her to enjoy the shopping spree, but they left out one small (and furry) detail – that her wish would also come true that day.

Choosing Her New Companion

Christina, who works for the Hawaiian Humane Society, watches Eity come face-to-face with a squirming, wriggling, floppy mass of eager puppies. She and her mom sit on a blanket to watch the littermates play. Eity’s wish granter asks if she wanted to meet any of them for some one-on-one time … and Eity points to a white-and-brown spotted female.

The bond is instant.

“The look on Eity’s face when seeing the litter of puppies was priceless. We’re thrilled to have been a part of this momentous occasion,” Christina says. “We make wishes come true for all the animals, so we’re happy to do it for her.”

Eity’s attention focuses on the pup … she tunes out the crows of volunteers and onlookers. And then she announced that she will name the puppy “Kuku.”

A Better Future – For Two

Eity and Kuku have already come a long way in their lives. Eity’s journey began with her kidney disorder, and she got a fresh start thanks to her transplant. And Kuku … from being a puppy abandoned at a marina to being the newest member of a loving home.

There are endless wonderful possibilities for Eity and Kuku. We really have no idea what amazing events they can experience together. The promise of their future is boundless. 

But we do know that people in Eity’s community brought them together, and they’re better as a pair than they were apart.

  • Kuku relaxes in Eity’s arms.
    ©Monica Lau Photography

  • Eity plants a kiss on Kuku.
    ©Monica Lau Photography

  • A quiet moment between two friends.
    ©Monica Lau Photography

  • Life is already better than ever for Eity and Kuku.
    ©Monica Lau Photography

  • “Say cheese, Kuku!”
    ©Monica Lau Photography

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