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I wish to go to culinary school


“ Jonah’s wish continues to impact his life. ”

Jonah Turns His Wish Into a Career

It’s difficult for many people to figure out just what they want in this world. But some of us just seem to know what they’re born to do. Jonah just so happens to be one of those people. His love for cooking came to him at a young age. Jonah would cook large family meals and loved playing around with different flavors and tastes – a true artist of his craft.

“I wanted to cook,” he says, “become a chef and use my passion for food to make a living.”

So when Jonah was diagnosed with cancer and Make-A-Wish asked him what his one true wish was, he knew exactly what he wanted to wish for: a chance to go to culinary school.

Today in Jonah’s Kitchen

Pots and pans clank about, burners hiss, quick hands and sharp knives chop at veggies and meat. The kitchen staff scrambles to make everything perfect for their hungry customers. A professional kitchen is no place for the faint of heart. Complex dishes and demanding restaurant-goers make for a never-ending stream of work on a Friday night. But for Jonah, this is all he has ever dreamed of doing with his life. And after defeating cancer, Jonah knew that life in the kitchen would be no problem.

Jonah’s wish gave him the confidence and inspiration to chase his culinary dreams. Jonah was still in high school when his wish was granted, but his day at culinary school with Make-A-Wish left a lasting impression on his life. He went on to graduate from culinary school and was able to take the next big step towards making his ambition a reality.

And he continues to live his dream every day.

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